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Norco 4020 Rackmount Case for Sale


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I'm looking to sell a Norco 4020 4U rackmount case. I ordered it for a planned build, and it later turned out I have no use for it. It's in pristine condition (just like it arrived from Newegg a few weeks ago) and has never been used, still in packaging.


Between the restocking fee and the cost of return shipping, I'm taking a considerable loss, so I figured I might as well give a fellow unRaider a discount while recouping some of the cost. I'm asking for a firm $240 - a great deal for anyone able to pick up locally (NYC/NJ area), which I'd be willing to arrange.


Also looking to unload the DVD burner it came with as part of the Newegg promo and a lightly used, fully-functional ECS A740GM-M motherboard.


PM if you're interested or for more info.




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