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Moving MySQL Databases


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I have MySQL installed on disk1 of my UnRAID 4.7 server serving XBMC Video and Music databases. How would I go about moving these to the cache drive? I know I can change it in the package manager, but will this move the existing databases or create a new one? Should I then copy the existing databases to the new drive?


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Hey cp.  I was actually waiting for someone smart to respond to you, but instead you got me ;-).


Changing the package manager to point to the new location doesn't move the old db.  It only checks for an existing installation in the target folder and installs it when it's not found.  It's been a while since I moved my db from disk1 (the default).  My setup is a little different from what is offered in unMenu's Package Manager.  For some reason (I don't recall), I'm no longer using the package manager's .auto_install, but instead I just manually launch an edited .manual_install.  I'm not super comfortable directing you how you should move your db, but I'll share how I remember doing mine.


1. Stop the mysql daemon.

! /etc/rc.d/unraid.d/rc.unraid_mysqld stop

2. Copied the mysql directory to the new location, making sure the 'mysql' directory is intact.

3. Copied /boot/packages/mysql-5.0.67-i486-1.tgz.manual_install to a different place.

4. Edited the .manual_install and changed the vDISKLABEL to


BTW: "disk/Seed" points to /mnt/disk/Seed/mysql

5. Edited the go script to launch .manual_install.

6. Either launched the script to test or rebooted.


BTW I don't have a cache drive but I'm going to assume you know where to put the DB so that the mover doesn't touch it.  Hope that provides some hint.  Good luck.

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