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Default Routing Upon Reboot

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Hi everyone - I am running into an interesting situation that I have a work around for but wondering if there is a permanent solution. -


I have a PCIe NIC card that is hardlined into my router/firewall for use for my VMs to separate that network traffic on its own VLAN. This is labeled as eth1 to Unraid on its own subnet. Eth0 is set statically on my main primary subnet for the main Unraid network/management interface.

Every time I reboot the server, the default routing table on Unraid gets set to the eth1 subnet and not eth0. To fix I have to disable docker and VM manager, set eth1 to none, which automatically switches the default routing to how it should be on the primary subnet, then I set eth1 back to how it should be and everything is fine.


How do I keep what I have working to stay on each reboot of the server? I’m hitting a wall, thanks for any input.

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Alright I fixed it!!!!! - I learned something new today. It was probably simple to always know but never actually took the time to understand what the metric settings are for under network settings. Now I do. 


If you are running multiple physical NICs, and you want them to have to have their own subnet (I control this at layer 3) and also communicate out to the internet which requires a default gateway, you must set the metrics for your default gateways if you have multiple gateways for routing. 

So in my case - br0's gateway which is eth0 is set to '1' which takes the priority gateway for routing, br1 which is eth1 I set the metric for the default gateway setting to '2' which is the next default gateway but is not the priority gateway for Unraid. 

I hope this helps anyone in the future if they run into this and wondering why on reboot the default routing won't stay persistent if there are multiple default gateways in your system. 




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