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Upgrading from 6.11.5 to 6.12.2 broke the network of my two VMs

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Upgrading from 6.11.5 to 6.12.2 broke the network of my two VMs.


The supposed setup is that they get network access with the "virtio" driver and are routed over "br0", which means that they get local IPs from my FritzBox, which enables me to adress the VMs just like any other computer in my network. This breaks in a way that they seem to get IPs properly, but no traffic is routed anywhere.

They get internet access if I set them to "virbr0" instead of "br0" but then they only get IPs inside of Unraid and become inaccessible from my local network, which is undesirable.


I did not try using "virtio-net" yet because I heavily rely upon the better performance so I can saturate the 10GbE connection to my backup VM running Veeam to backup my local machines. That's something "virtio-net" could not do, and even worse it historically made the Windows VM perform so badly that backups failed frequently due to network timeouts.


I attached the diagnostic zip file and hope someone has an idea how to fix it.


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