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[Solved] Registration Keys bound to GUID


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I need to build another Tower.  I purchased (2) Pro Licenses, but I'm not sure if I registered the spare.  I simply cant remember.  Is there a way to tell?  I would like to use the spare for another box.  Also, if the original Flash (the 1 currently being used) failed, is it possible to have it replaced / purchased so I wouldn't lose any data?  Sorry, these may be simple but I cant find much that is relative to my questions.


Thankx in advance


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Both questions would require you to send an email to support (Tom).  He should have a record of the GUIDs you registered, or that you purchased a 2 pak and only registered 1.  He can then provide you with the license key.


As far as the 2nd question, while he isn't under any obligation to provide a replacement key for a failed flash drive, he has typically done so in the past - again, just send an email to support explaining the situation.

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If you bought the USB drive then it's already registered. Since you say you're not sure if you registered the spare I'm guessing you bought the USB drive.


If you only bought the registration and used your own USB drive, then it depends on if you registered a second USB or not and you will have to contact Limetech to find out if you have 2 registered USB drives or not.



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Appreciate it guys.  And yes I did purchase:

Description: Quantity 2: 2GB USB2.0 Flash device containing unRAID Server OS Pro registration

So I reckon I'm good to go on another box.  Now if either fail, Ill just purchase new one's or see what Tom can do.  No biggie one way or the other.





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