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[SOLVED] Cannot access files


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I would appreciate some help.

I am new to unraid (and indeed any linux based systems) and have just installed it but am having severe difficulty getting it to work. I followed the startup guide and thought everything was a bit too easy and straightforward... and it it was.

Unraid boots OK (well it boots).  I have one 2Tb data disk and one 2Tb parity disk.

I have created two user shares which I can see from my windows 7 PC across the network. I can browse the directory hierachy, create and delete folders, but not open/access any files?

The problem is when I try to open any files that are on the server, either windoes explorer just hangs or I get an error message saying it can't see the server (even though it found it and let me browse to the file).

I have looked at the syslog and I have an entry

'killall -HUP smbd (Minor Issues)'

Google tells me this is the Samba server daemen which looks after filesharing for windows?

Is this the root of my problem and if so why is the operating system shutting it down?

Do I have hardware compatibility issues or is it something I have done wrong during setup?

Looking at the syslog following startup I have a series of warnings about ACPI (whoever he is) and a red line with..

'Marking method \___ as Serialized because of AE_ALREADY_EXISTS error (Errors)'

Haven't a clue what this means, but is this the start of my woes?

Any help in identifying my problem and pointing me in the correct direction would be very greatfully recieved.




Syslog now attached.


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Unraid is version 4.7

Motherboard is Asus M4A78LT-M LE

Chipset is AMD 760G/SB710

Processor AMD Athlon II X2 250

4Gb of Ram - 2 x  CORSAIR XMS3 CMX2GX3M1A1333C9

The LAN is Atheros 8131

HDD 2 x 2TB Samsung HD204UI Spinpoint F4EG, SATA 3Gb/s





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Up and Running!!!!!!

My music collection is now accross to the unraid and I'm off to read the threads on getting Squeezeserver running.

Version 5.0-beta12 seems to work fine.  I couldn't access the shares I had previously created but running the 'New Permission' util popped them up.

Now for the other stuff.  I gave unRaid a bash because my WHS machine fell over.  Getting the data across (if it is still there).  I was planning on mounting (is that the right term) the drives in the unraid machine locally, then copying the files across to the share on the array, then pre-clear the WHS disk and mount that in to the array.

Is this a sensible apporach or is there a quicker and better way?


Thanks for taking the time and pointing me in the right direction!




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