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ACP UPS flipped out...


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last night one of my newish APC units flipped out.

basically it crashed.

the UPS switched off and switched to battery with no onbatt warning.

this is all without a true power failure. It then starts a reboot loop (the UPS itself, not what is plugged into it) and while running on battery until it runs out of battery.

it did start beeping the last few seconds before death.

At that point it just ...died.. taking my servers with it..

it would not do anything at that point, including turn on.


The fix.. "Brain Dead" it.. (AKA, clear its buffer and reboot)

1. unplug it. (and everything from it.)

2. pull the battery.

3. push and hold power button for 5 Sec.

4. reinsert battery.

5. plug into wall.

6. power on the UPS (should beep once)

6. let battery fully charge.

7. self test.

8. keep an eye on it to see if you need toss it out a window.. or RMA it... (optional :D)


PITA.. this was the unit on my ESXi box. .. i now swapped it with a second unit and ill put this one on my desktop..


It seems to be OK for now. but this unit s only 6 months old. it has a march mfg date.

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