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Drive with Data Added to Array: Is Recovery Possible?


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Hey during my first attempt at configuring unraid I added my data drive to the array first thinking I'd then be able to transfer data to the other precleared drives once I'd added them -- a blunder I'm sure. After releasing this was stupid/not-possible I removed the drive from the array and temporarily installed it in my Windows PC again to transfer the files across the network -- however once installed in Windows it's showing at 100% free in the disk management tool.


Are my files erased or has something else less malicious occurred?


Note: I'm running 4.7 stable

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Not if the disk was cleared.  Clearing writes binary zeros to every sector on the entire disk. All trace of prior content is lost.


Clearing takes hours to complete during which the array is not usable. Clearing also only occurs when adding a disk to an existing array - if the array configuration is new (all disk icons are blue) the disk will not be cleared.


Based on this info - are you sure the disk was cleared?

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I'm not 100% certain either way but I don't believe the array was started for hours (I stopped it very quickly after I added it), nor did I notice any information on unmenu about a drive being cleared. However the beacon next to the drive was green and there is no NTFS partition on the drive.

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