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mnt and other system directories show in my shares??????


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So after a rebuild of my flash memory stick due to unknown recent disaster wiping it out (see this post - http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=14948.0 ) I am seeing several system folders including "mnt" in my shares.


If I open the mnt folder, it seems to included many GB of data.  Some of the folders are empty and many contain data.

If I delete data from the mnt folder, it deletes from the actual drive where the data was located.

I was trying to move everything I could find from the mnt into the actual shares but I have come to a point where there are only 2 folders left and they are huge.  My movies and my music folders are there and they total about 6GB so it's basically my entire collection.


Any ideas what happened?  Why is there a "mnt" folder in my shares but not on any actual hard drives?  How to fix or just keep doing what I am doing?

I did a shutdown and restart and then a Partity Check and all came clean.

I rebuilt my flash drive with 5.0 b12


Thanks for any help!!!!

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