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hi all, need some help setting a nas/file server up

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hi all i am just chasing some help with my options on what i can do to add some extra storage space over my network. i have plently of parts laying around that i can build a system up, looked in to a prebuilt nas but there to limiting.


i am trying to share all data over my network but be able to stream media to my ps3 and xbox for playback.


i was told about this program and being able to run ps3 media server or i am best off running windows and having these programs run.


i want to set this unit up remote so its just got a power in and lan cable in and beable to access from my pc, also looking at running 4x2tb hard drives in raid 5 to give me a 6tb storage.


i am really new to this side of computing and am going in circles reading all the stuff on the internet, just looking for some guidance in to my best options for my needs.

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Raid-5 is striped so data and parity is spread over all the disks.  This means that if you want to read a file or write a file all disks must be going.

In raid 5 you can lose a disk and you can still access all data without it going offline (just like unraid)

Advantages of raid 5 is speed as it is striped

disadvantages are that all disks are involved in everything so you lose some power saving.. also as it is striped it means that you cant just take a disk out and read that disk.


unraid each disk is independant (no striping) and parity is stored on one disk.

Disadvatanges are:


slow speed (it isn't striped) - but fine for streaming media etc

can be a pain finding new hardware that works sometimes with it nicely.



You can lose one disk like in raid-5 and still have access to all data.

If you are reading from a file it will only use the drive that has that file so there are power savings in being able to keep other drives spun down.

You can rip out a drive and read it like normal with a linux live cd etc


From what you are describing you probably don't need the speed of raid-5 so unraid might be perfect for you.  Speaking of raid-5 if you were to go down that path then you would be better looking at ZFS which is far superior to raid-5 but will need a far more powerful system.

If you have old parts that work with unraid even better.  For smaller systems I think unraid is perfect.

When people start putting 20 drives in I think one parity drive is really stretching things.


I think there are threads of people running the ps3 media server on unraid so shouldn't be an issue from what I briefly read.


Lots of options out there today... unraid is one of the most flexible though which is why a lot of people use it.


No idea if that helps or not :)  



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how sort of system requirements are needed for this program. is there a max amount of space that this program can accept.




In pro version its like 22 drives including cache and parity..

release version supports 2TB drives, so 48 TB possible.

Beta versons support >2TB drives.. so... 20* whatever size drives you have



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