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Need suggestions to help troubleshoot freezing issues


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I recently upgraded from unraid 4.5.6 to 4.7, then 5.0 beta 12a.  I store dvd's and blurays on my unraid server.  Since upgrading the server I have been experiencing freezing while watching blurays.  My network is a gigabit network.  I have seen freezing only while watching blurays and only since upgrading to 5.0 beta 12a.  When I am experiencing the freezing nothing else/no one else is doing anything with unraid or my Lan.


The blurays are ripped to a standard bluray file structure.  I am looking for suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this issue to determine why it is freezing.  I am not sure where I would look in unraid so I can determine what is going on.


Thanks for any help

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