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Swapped Two Cages, "New parity disk installed," even after re-assigning devices


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Now that I've re-assigned the out-of-order devices, I hate to swap them back and try to re-plug everything in the previous order (especially since it was a little mixed-up to begin with) unless I absolutely have to - but this "New parity disk installed" message is giving me pause.


If all of my drive lights are green and in their original locations (reassigned via drive menu), should I just run the parity-sync?  Am I getting the "New parity disk installed" message simply because I've re-arranged my SAS-SATA cables and placed different drives in different locations (logically and otherwise)?


Thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can provide!



Forgot to mention: I'm running 4.7 on a 100% Clone of rajahal's 20-Drive Beast Tower.



EDIT: This question makes more sense for this crew after some searching... am I better off -


(a) Removing the parity drive, restarting the array ("unprotected," which, according to my status menu, it already is), and checking to make sure everything's in its right place, or


(b) just running the parity sync and trusting things as is?


I'm pretty sure this is a stupid question and I'm expecting everyone to come back with (a) or something else I hadn't thought of, but I'm still fresh enough that I'm cautious about making any new moves without searching and consulting here first, no matter how simple!

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Both "a" and "b" are essentially identical in that they rebuild parity. 

In "a" you can make sure all your files are there BEFORE re-assigning parity and ensure you did not accidentally assign a data disk as parity.

In "b" you can do the same thing BEFORE invoking the parity sync, and if all the files are there you can press the "check" button.  If all your data drives have mounted, odds are very high you have the assignment correct. (There is almost no chance a parity drive will mount as a data disk, unless you only have 1 data disk)

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