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unRAID 4.7 for photo back-up. Setup advice please.


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Hello there.

I am a newbie to unRAID seeking advice. I am using 4.7 in an HP Proliant Microserver with 2 x 2Tb drives.


I want to use my server as a backup of all my photos and home videos. I want to store all thr raw unedited files in a directory accesible to me, and then put differing versions of these photos in another directory so that my family can view them. I will keep a second backup of the original photos on an external USB hard drive.


So far I have precleared the 2 drives twice, and I have 1 drive assigned and formatted.

I have set up one user share with the name "Photos" for the original files and left the rest of the user share boxes as they came:

Allocation method: High Water

Export (SMB): Export Read/Write


But beyond that I am a bit lost as to the best set-up. Is that Allocation method good? What should I set for Split Level?


Then I guess I need to set up another user share with only read permission where I will put the network viewable photos. Is that right? And what should be the user share settings for that folder?


I have read the support files but am not quite clear, and want to get this right from the start.


So any advice will be most gratefully recieved please ;o)


Thank you.


Thanks, Stephen



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