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Can someone please check my syslog?


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Unraid Version 5.012b


System Specs:


+ AMD 64 4200+  Dual core

+ ECS KA3 MVP extreme ( 2x full PCIE x16, SB600 southbridge with 4 SATAII ports, JMB363 with 2 SATA ports )

+ 2 x IBM BR10i PCIE x8 SAS controllers

+ 1 x PCIX Intel Pro 1000MT NIC


Currently i'm testing with just 2 x WD20EARS. I plan to move my old server to this one due to dual PCIE x16 for the BR10i controllers.


Can someone check if there is any problem in my syslog?


So far i just formatted the drives and did some writing and reading from the disk with no parity.





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