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Power Down problems with 5.0 12b


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I am having trouble with the PowerDown. It seems like the system is hanging on the powerdown. It does not matter if it is a cron job or a manual powerdown from unmenu. I am able to access \\tower:8081 -sickbeard and \\tower:8082 - sabnzbd but cannot access \\tower or \\tower:8080. I can access the shares just to the gui's. It is set to powerdown at 6:00 am, it runs the script but never powers down. I have attached a syslog.




Does it power down without problems if you do not run sickbeard and sabnzbd (and any other extra software) ?


no I shutdown both and It still will not power down. I even tried rc.unRAID stop and I get the following.



root@Tower:/etc/rc.d# rc.unRAID stop

Capturing information to syslog. Please wait...

version[23578]: Linux version 3.0.3-unRAID (root@Develop) (gcc version 4.4.4 (GC                                       C) ) #7 SMP Fri Sep 2 16:44:33 MDT 2011

ls: cannot access /dev/hd[a-z]: No such file or directory


and then it hangs. When it was working I would get this but it would power down.




While looking at the powerdown file I noticed something:




alias logger="/usr/bin/logger -is -plocal7.info -tpowerdown"


if [ ${DEBUG:=0} -gt 0 ]

   then set -x -v



if [ -z "${1}" ]

   then OPT="-h"

   else OPT="${1}"



logger "Powerdown initiated"


if [ -f /var/run/powerdown.pid ]

   then logger "Powerdown already active, this one is exiting"


   else echo $$ > /var/run/powerdown.pid



trap "rm -f /var/run/powerdown.pid" EXIT HUP INT QUIT


/etc/rc.d/rc.unRAID stop


# /sbin/poweroff

logger "Initiating Shutdown with ${1}"

/sbin/shutdown -t5 ${OPT} now


When I look into /var/run/ there is no file called powerdown.pid. Could this be the problem why it is not powering down?





Powerdown is an add-on. Please take this discussion to the User Customizations forum.


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