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Preclearing 3TB drive

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Quick question about preclearing 3TB drives.  Do we use the “–a” like we do with the 2TB drives and/or is there another command we should use to preclear them?

The use of "-a" or "-A" has no effect on a drive > 2.2TB.  (basically, those two options are then ignored)  Those two options only have purpose and meaning for drives using a standard Master-Boot-Record (those under 2.2TB).    In exactly the same way, any unRAID preferred allignment is also ignored.


All drives > 2.2TB use a GPT partition... they all will put a protective MBR partition scheme in place showing a partition starting on sector 1, to allow older utilities to think the entire drive is allocated.  In reality, all GPT partitioned drives will have GPT partitions that are 4k-aligned.


About all you need to do is make sure you are using the latest version of the preclear script.  (Older ones did not handle the larger drives properly)

You do not need to specify any options for alignment.

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