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Mover script not included with 4.7?

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I'm running unRAID Plus 4.7 and decided to add a cache drive several weeks ago.  Today I decided to telnet into the box to check on things when I noticed that nothing has been moved off the cache drive.  After searching through the forums, I went to look at the script ("/usr/share/sbin/mover") only to discover that it doesn't exist on my server -- I don't have the "sbin" directory in "/usr/share" at all.


I understood that the mover script was supposed to be included with unRAID server.  Is that not the case, or have I somehow not set up my flash drive correctly?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Ah, thank you!  Yes it is exactly where you told me.  Anybody have any idea why it wouldn't be working/running?  I can't seem to get it to move files off the cache drive.  Is there someplace where I could view logs or something?

1. have you enabled the cache drive on the specific shares involved?

2. Have you properly set the "min free" value on those shares?

3.  yes, look in your syslog.

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