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Start Dropbox from GO script

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So this is really one of the last pesky problems I have.  I've got Dropbox running thx to this thread:




Here's my GO script


# Start Dropbox
echo 100000 > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches
ln -s /mnt/cache/.dropboxdb /root/.dropbox
ln -s /mnt/cache/.Dropbox /root/Dropbox
ln -s /boot/custom/packages/.dropbox-dist /root/.dropbox-dist
sleep 20
# Launch Daemon
# cd /root/.dropbox-dist
# dropboxd &
# cd /root
# /root/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd &
# Launch via dropbox.py
cd /boot/scripts
python dropbox.py start


As you can see, I have tried both launching the daemon manually and launching it from dropbox.py.  Here's the weird part: neither work when launching from the GO script.  If I launch dropboxd manually, it will launch, but it intermittently quits.  If I launch from the GO script, it doesn't respect the symlinks I just created (no matter how long of a wait I put in) and says that the it's not associated with my acct.  If I manually launch from the

dropbox.py start

it starts just fine but from the GO script, it prompts me to install the "dropbox daemon".  I can do this via the dropbox.py script but them I'm prompted to accept that it will download the proprietary daemon which you can't suppress via cmd line.  All in all, it's very annoying.  I'm just not sure what prevents it from launching in the GO script but I know it's gotta be something simple I'm missing.  Anyone run into this?

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