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Moving Drive # in Shares

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I am wondering if you can move drives to a different number in unraid and still keep the same share.  Is it as simple as changing the drive #  in the share?


Here is what I have:

Drives 1,2 = TV Shows

Drives 3,4,5 = Movies

Drives 6 = User Share 1

Drives 7 = User Share 2


What I want to do is to add a drive to Movies and move the other shares down one:

Drives 1,2 = TV Shows

Drives 3,4,5,6 = Movies

Drives 7 = User Share 1

Drives 8 = User Share 2


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Yes, you can swap 2 drives at a time and re-start the array without hurting the parity. You first add the new drive as #8 to the array and start it to expand the array. Next, stop the array, swap say 6 & 8 and start the array. Then, stop the array and swap 7 & 8 and start the array again. Now, go to the user share settings and put in the new disk numbers.



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