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Migration from WHS V1 to unRaid


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As the topic says I went from WHS to unraid:

First I thought yeah windows is easy to configure and I can get it for free. For unRaid I have to pay and I don not know anything about Linux. So the first choice was very easy!

But very soon there were problems with WHS. The most annyoing problem was that WHS was unable to deliver BD untouched Movies to my PCH C200 without stuttering. Nothing in the world can be more annoying than watching a film and get the video stutter and the audio lost. So I wanted to know why the hell my mashine was unable to deliver want I want. After killing some windows services and managed to get NFS running on that the stutter was gone. But every time I have to disable the migrator service ( this is a service which does EVERY 360 minutes transfer files between the disk) in order to watch movies properly. And all disk were running nearly all time because of WHS's stupid services.

Finally I saw a thread about unraid in my PCH Forum and I give it a try and fall in love instantly!

Now I can unrar, copy from cache to array and watch a BD at the SAME time :) That's amazing!


OS at time of building: 5.0 Beta 12a

USB Stick: Corsair Voyager 8GB

CPU: AMD E350 18Watts max :) onboard

Motherboard: ASUS E35M1-M PRO

RAM: 1x Kingston Value 2GB (1066) + 1x Kingston Value 4GB (1333 -> 1066mhz)

Case: NZXT H2 Silent Midtower

Drive Cage(s): none at the moment

Power Supply: Be Quiet! Straight Power 400W

SATA Expansion Card(s): 2x Asrock Sata 3 Card x1 I can not believe the Amazon price, here in Germany its 12€.

Cables: Standart cables with clip

Fans:  1x Be Quiet! Silent Wings 140mm (top)

2x Be Quiet! Silent Wings 120mm (button and back)

These fans are really silent, the Power Supply, too. The HDDs are louder ;)

2x Stock fans in the front.


Parity Drive: WD20EARS

Data Drives: 4xWD20EARS + 1xWD1502FYPS (that was once my external HDD, got lucky and had a expensive server HDD inside :) + 1xWD15EADS (once an external, too)

Cache Drive: Samsung HD502IJ

Total Drive Capacity: 10TB net


Primary Use: streaming full BD to my Popcorn Hour C200 and downloading

Likes: Quiet, smooth streaming (have had WHS V1 before, that was HORRIBLE!)

Dislikes: Pyload is not really perfect: no ETA of packages/download list, sorting downloads is not really good and the unrar does not work with big files -> Forum support seems not very good.

Add Ons Used: Simple Features Plugin / UnMenu / Pyload

Future Plans: buy a 5x3 drive cage so that I get a maximum of 14 HDDs. But I think I have to switch my Power Supply for that. And switch one of my Asrock Cards witch a Supermicro 8 port card.


I like the case very much because it's stock noise damned, has a fan controler (3 steps) and has dust filters for the front and button fans, which are removal and easy to clean. I clean them every week and they catch very much dust^^


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Yeah forgot that to write.

At the beginning I never thought that I will have so many HDDs!

So add HDDs is expensive for me because of the Power supply and a cage :(

Can you estimate how many drives it can handle? Can I add one more without problems?


Thanks for your comment, very appreciated :)


The USB stick is a good point, I think I have to use one of the back ports.

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Slick-looking case, I like it.  Your PSU has 18A per +12V rail, which means that it most likely only has 18A to run all the HDDs, fans, and motherboard (the other two rails are reserved for the CPU and graphics card).  Estimate 2A for each green drive and 3A for each 7200 rpm drive and then leave a few amps left over for the fans and mobo.  Your PSU can handle about 7-8 green drives or 4-5 7200 rpm drives or a mixture thereof.

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