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Is it necessary to preclear parity drive??

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No need for the preclear signature on a new parity drive. I'd you know the disk is good, you do not need to preclear it.


That's what I thought.


Seem to be running into some weird problems with my array tonight ...  ???

If you have never read EVERY block on the parity disk, then you will risk writing to an unreadable sector.  At the least, if you skip the preclear, then make sure you do a parity check as soon as possible after you do your first parity calculation.


I would recommend pre-clearing every drive, even if the signature is not needed (on the parity drive) as about 1 out of 5 drives seems to be RMA material... and it seems the ones re-purposed from another server are among the worst.  (having errors never reported by the prior use)

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