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Dell PERC H200?


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Hi guys, first post on here so go easy on me :P .  I've done a bit of searching on the forum and while I found one post about a H200 I've not found anything that tells me if it is compatible with unRAID or not. I've been using a Dell PERC 5/i and H200 on another box running server2008 however it's not ideal for what I want to do.  I'm in the process of setting up another machine I've just put together from a mix of old and new parts and seeing as this is a blank canvas I'm hoping to play about with unRAID to see if this would work well for the other machine as well.  I've shoved another working H200 card in the new box to go with the existing onboard sata ports (the mobo is an Asus P5B Deluxe).  I've currently got 6 drives connected to the onboard sata which all show fine in the devices tab of the server configuration utility.  However none of the H200 drives show.  The drives are all detected before unRAID loads (the H200 splash screen shows the drives as being present).


Is there something I'm missing or need to do to get these drives to show?  Is the H200 compatible with unRAID?  I'm using the stock Dell firmware on this card.  I was thinking of trying to flash it to the LSI firmware but havn't really found any posts about this being done for my card (only the 5i/6i).  I'm setting this up on 4.7.  This is my first time setting up unRAID so my apologies if I'm being a n00b or missing out something obvious :(

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You should try with one of the latest betas as support for the chip has been implemented only there.


Doh!!  Was debating trying the latest beta or stable build before I set out on this adventure.. Stable build obvioulsy won but I shouldnt have been so parranoid  ::).  Just had a chance to test the card again with latest beta and all the drives are detected  ;D.  Not had a chance to actually set anything up though, that fun will come at the weekend  :)


Thanks for the help guys

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