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Windows 7 - locked out of my shares in unraid

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Help! For some reason I am locked out of my shares in Unraid. On one PC I can get to it. But for some reason I have to others that I cannot. On Windows 7 I can see all shares. I just cannot get to some of them due to permission.


It is like somehow on the Win 7 boxes that the permissions were changed on the PC? I used to be able to click on a share and a window would pop up and ask me for my user name and password. Not anymore and I think that is the problem.


How can I get that popup widow back so I can log into that share?

Is there a way to change my Win 7 settings back to default when accessing a remote share?




Share Settings

User shares

Share name: Music


Allocation method: High Water

Min. free space:

Split level: 0

Included disk(s):

Excluded disk(s):

Use Cache disk: yes

Share empty? No

Export (SMB): Export read/write

Export (NFS):

SMB Security Settings

Export = Yes

Security = Public


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Windows 7 has this annoying feature of remembering all usernames and passwords within each session.  Try logging out and back into Win7 and that should solve the problem.  When you access your shares again, you should be prompted for your unRAID username and password again.


A little tip: if your unRAID username and password are exactly the same as your Win7 username and password, then Win7 will log you into your unRAID server automatically.  This can be helpful or an annoyance, depending on what you are trying to do.  I believe this only applies to 'user level security' on unRAID (which is what I use).  I see you are using 'public'.  You might want to give 'user level' a try.



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I have enabled security =  Secure now and I have set all users to have read-write access.


I am still in the same boat.


I have two PC’s that are locked out of my share. I still need Win 7 to prompt me again.


I have the users configured on Unraid under Users tab:  user = jjevans / pass = all


I have the win 7 PC configured as: user = jjevans / pass = all


I am still locked out of my share. I guess I still have the same question: Where in windows 7 can I remove that auto login user name and password feature? In other words how can I get windows 7 to prompt me again so I can enter a new user name and password?


Thank you,




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