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UID Not Selectable, Changing What Is Assigned

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I am working on my backup strategy, and have built a second NAS for backup purposes.  I have mounted the remote NFS shares in UnRAID (/mnt/remotes), but don't want to share them from UnRAID.  All I want is to have Syncthing run as a user with full access to the files in my shares, and sync to the second machine (TrueNAS)...


Well TrueNAS creates its own users...  You can create a user there and set the UID/GID when you create the user...  UnRAID...  Not so much.


When I initially created my users during UnRAID setup, it was "nice enough" to create those users with 1000, 1001, 1002, etc...  Of course these now conflict with everything else I have set up on the network.  This isn't a terrible thing day to day because we access everything with shares... but now for basic file sync outside the share functions, the UID/GID's won't match between the systems.


Both systems share "root" with UID/GID's of zero.  Any suggestions/caveats on how to do this securely? 


I could have Syncthing run as the root account so it is sure to copy everything, but I'd rather create a specific user for syncthing.  The issue is that I don't see how to tell UnRAID what UID/GID to use.  Is that even possible?  Seems like basic server functionality to me, but it's not in the GUI as I can find.


Any thoughts how to best accomplish this?



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