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Delay Start of Docker Engine (not individual containers) at Startup?

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I unfortunately suffer from power outages about once a month (I do have my equipment on battery backup and to shutdown cleanly at low power) and have issues with Dockers upon restart. It appears as if the Unraid box can get back up and running before my networking equipment can, which results in an error state when my Docker containers try connecting to their specified VLANs. I've been able to replicate this situation by disabling Docker, disabling the physical ports on my switch, then restarting Docker before re-enabling the ports on my switch.


Trying to restart the individual containers after re-enabling the switch ports (manually, or using the restart on-failure flag) does not work - only disabling Docker and re-enabling in settings does the trick. Is there a way to delay the startup of Docker on system boot by time or (more ideally) until certain network conditions are met?

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