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WireGuard Won't Start

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I upgraded to 6.12.6 and started to have a system lockup every other day at night. I got sick of diagnosing so I downgraded to 6.11.5 and now WireGuard won't start. Any ideas?


wg-quick up wg0
[#] ip link add wg0 type wireguard
[#] wg setconf wg0 /dev/fd/63
[#] ip -4 address add dev wg0
[#] ip link set mtu 1420 up dev wg0
[#] ip -4 route add dev wg0
[#] logger -t wireguard 'Tunnel WireGuard-wg0 started';/usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/update_services
/usr/bin/wg-quick: line 295: /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/update_services: No such file or directory
[#] ip link delete dev wg0

wg-quick down wg0
wg-quick: `wg0' is not a WireGuard interface



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