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Networking through virtio

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Good evening to all,


i'm setting up a temporary VM with opnsense on unraid (i'm well aware of most of its downsides but its just until ill build myself a dedicated box as a router).

my unraid has 2 SFP+ that i have passed through to the opnsense vm for exclusive use (its the same iommu i cant separate them) and the remaining eth ports left for unraid.

my question is : can all the traffic of unraid go through the virtio nic to opnsense and from there to lan through the second sfp+ (one is wan) without having to connect the eth port to the switch also ?

if unraid complains of not having an ip before the vm boots (the opnsene virtio-nic will have a fixed ip but i'm not sure if its detected before the vm boot) i could connect eth port to the lan switch with a fixed ip but then, can i prioritize traffic through the virtio nic and ignore the eth connection for heavy traffic ?

all of this is beacause i have 10gb wan and lan so i wantend to avoid the 1gb eth




hope the picture explain's it better


thanks for any inputs on the matter.


meanwhile il build up a dedicate router box

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