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First "build" spec check + roadmap


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Newbie here doing my first unraid "build", although it's not really a "build" because I'll be re-using some of the parts for my initial build and then replacing them as I go along my roadmap. My needs are very basic, just storage for movies, music, pictures, as well as backups. Special thanks to PeterB for helping me out on some of my initial queries, as he now lives in the same country (Philippines - although he is more provincial) as I do. Hope you guys can comment on this before I pull the trigger:


Existing parts which I have to build around:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 245 Processor

Case: Generic ATX Case

PSU: EGCC (Generic) 500W ATX PSU

HDD: 1x WD 2TB


Parts I will be buying to complete my build:

MB: Gigabyte M68MT-S2

Mem: Kingmax 2GB DDR3



I've seen the Gigabyte board mentioned here before as working (no HPA):



Since I'll be placing 3 x 2tb on this array first, I'll just use the free license of UnRaid.



Roadmap/Growing the Array:


4-6 Drives: The generic case has 4 slots for internal hdd so I'll need to adjust once I get to 5 drives. I'm thinking of using an HDD Bracket + Fans: http://www.ebuyph.com/PictureShow.asp?P_ID=1244 as they are quite low-cost. Also, the board has only 4 onboard SATA connections, so I'll need to get a 2-port PCIx1 controller. Unfortunately, that's actually my biggest problem, as I can't find a cheap one here. Also, I'll need to purchase an Unraid Plus license.


Q: Is my generic 500w psu enough to power me through 6hdds? I'll be getting greens mostly so I believe thats enough?


7-15 Drives: I think 15 drives is my maximum, since the board has: 4 onboard SATA + 2 x 2 port SATA via PCIx1 + 1 x 8 port SATA via PCIx16 = 16 drives, and 15 x 2tb is more than enough I think (and the possibility of 3+ tb drives makes it much more than enough). I'm going with the PeterB build here:


Case: Thermaltake V5 (sigh, I'm thinking if I should get this case already, might be gone by the time I get to this point)

PCIx16 Controller: Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8i

PSU: I'll probably upgrade to a branded one. Is 650W enough?

Drive Cages: 3*iStarUSA BPN-350V2-SS 5in3 cages (Still have to find a way to source this) - If I'm feeling really stingy I can go for a 8 or 12-drive build with three HDD brackets instead? No hotswap though.

License: Upgrade to Pro


Q: Has anybody tried using an IBM ServeRAID M5015 Controller?


Hoping for your inputs!


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Welcome to unRAID!


On the side of your PSU you should see a chart that looks like this.  Let us know what the values for the +12V rail(s) are.  You may have only one, or there may be up to 4.  The fewer you have, the better.  These values are far more important than the overall wattage of the PSU.


Chances are good that you will need a better PSU as you add more drives.  I'm not sure what is available to you, but the Power Supply Thread lists many good models.  Corsair and Seasonic are my favorite brands.


If you miss the Thermaltake V5 (I think it was discontinued recently, so stock will probably run out soon) the Thermaltake V6 is a good alternative.  You can remove the cabling for the top dock to make use of all 9 internal 5.25" bays.  Or you can use 8 of the internal 5.25" bays and keep the top dock in use (very handy for preclearing drives, but I wouldn't use it as a long term solution).  I use the V6 for one of my test servers and I rather like it.  It is far more lightweight than a lot of similar cases, but still decent quality for the price.


I've never used the Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8i controller and would therefore recommend the tried and true Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 sintead.  However, I expect that controller is difficult to find in your area and that's why PeterB went for the other one.  If it works for him, then go for it.


A quick glance at the ServeRAID M5015 tells me that it does not appear to have a JBOD or NO RAID mode, so there is a good chance that it will not work for unRAID.  unRAID doesn't need fancy RAID controllers, just HBAs such as the Supermicro cards.

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Hi Raj,


Thanks for the warm welcome from the unraid guru, read a lot of your posts here.


Regarding the current PSU, here are the values:



I'll keep in mind the AOC-SASLP-MV8 when I make inquiries from SuperMicro, when the time comes. I just brought up the M5015 because we have one here (client upgraded and left out the stock controller) lying around.


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OK, so your PSU has dual +12V rails.  To play it safe, assume that the smaller one is what will power the HDDs, motherboard, and fans (the larger will power the CPU and video card).  Leave 2-3A overhead for the motherboard and fans.  That leaves you with 12-13A for all of your HDDs.  A green HDD will consume about 2A and a 7200RPM HDD will consume about 3A.  Therefore, you can support about 6 green HDDs or 4 7200RPM HDDs or a mixture thereof.


Keeping in mind that replacing the PSU sometimes requires you to dismantle most of the server, it might be much less hassle to just replace it now.  However, if you are facing budget constraints then you can budget the PSU upgrade for around the same time that you've maxed out your motherboard's SATA ports and need to add a SATA controller and more drives.  This is one of unRAID's salient features for the DIY server builders - simple expandability and the ability to spread out purchases over time.


If you have a M505 laying around they by all means try it out and let us know how it goes.  It certainly doesn't hurt to try, maybe it will work well for you and then you wouldn't need to buy an additional SATA card.  I just wouldn't recommend purchasing the M505 with the expectation of it working out of the box.  The unRAID community always appreciates additions to the Hardware Compatibility page of the wiki, whether it be to Known working SATA controllers or Hardware Known NOT to work.  If you do test it, be sure to test it on the latest stable unRAID release (currently 4.7) as well as the latest beta (currently 5.0beta12a).  The betas often have upgraded or new drivers that the stable lacks.  If it does work on the beta but not the stable, then you can decide if it is worth it to you to run beta software on your production server (as well as send LimeTech an email with the pertinent info and request a stable version of unRAID with the drivers your card needs).  Hopefully it works on both so you don't have to make that choice.

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