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Migrate physical drive to an entirely new server


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I have a server whittling away currently running 4.x


I've built a seperate larger in scope server with 5.x currently running (virtualised, though makes no difference here) and a couple of token new 3TB disks in place including parity.


Rather than rsync data across and do a phased migration of data - drain one disk in old server by rsync'ing to new, wipe disk in old server and install as a new blank disk in the new server to use as the target for the next old disk..and so on..


What happens if I just take a physical disk from the 4.x machine, drop it in the 5.x machine and boot unraid? Will it just let me assign it a slot and nothing further (other than a parity regeneration and I'd presumably also have to run the fixperms script)?


i.e can I Just pick up all my physical disks from the 4.x machine, drop them in the 5 machine boot unraid and give them slots and I'm done (other than redoing share and user configs but that's minutiae) or am I asking for trouble in terms of goemotries / any differences in MD drivers between 4 and 5 etc.

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Yes, you can just move the disks over. You would have to assign the disks, initialize the array, build parity and run the new permissions script.


If you get a drive that appears to be unformatted then stop right there and come back here. unRAID has changed the MBR and moved the partition a few times in the past. The good thing is that it's fairly easy to fix as long as you don't attempt to format the disks. A few other threads with the same problem have been here recently and all went well fixing the problem.





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Thanks - that's re-assuring.


Can you point me in the direction of the threads you mentioned? I'm inclined to think if the drive pops up as unformatted to just commit it as being a disk to rsync the data from rather than trying to fix it - but it might be a trival fix..?

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