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[out of stock] OPEN BOX ALERT at new egg $108.99 SUPERMICRO MBD-X9SCM-F-O


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I have one of these great MBs. I love it, IPMI is awesome. ;D Unfortunately I whimsically bought one NIB, at close to normal price, under the effects of pain meds. :'(  I plan to basically follow Johnm's ATLAS path, eventually... I'm a lot sidetracked on other(real life) things first right now.  ::)


Still I'd definitely grab one of these if I was planing a new build.

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Back in stock - at $83.99!!


I just ordered one, hopefully it's complete and functional.


Wow, you got a great deal!  Out of stock now, so you must have snagged the only one.


Ditto, I might have grabbed a spare at that price. I would assume at that price it is missing accessories or the the box yet functional.

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