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[SOLVED] UnRaid will not see hdd's.

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I am newb here and in server world. I bought a user sc1420, dual xeon's, 3 gb ram, 4 disks (2 x 1tb (new), 2 x 150 gb (came with the system), Adaptec 2610SA sata card. My unRAID Server (version 5.0-beta12a) works and boots without problems. I can see web management tool. I have plus license. All the drives are precleared.

Now the problem is the web management tool only shows 3 drives on the disk list and out of 3, will not accept 2 x 1tb's. Am i missing something here or some process?

Also, the server's motherboard has 2 sata connection. I connected 2 x1tb on it and they were recognized by unraid as unformatted and available. Link them back to controller card, it the same again. I have disabled the raid bios, so the controller card is just a distribution. The card I am using is Adaptec 2610SA. syslog and sysinfo are attached.



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You need to set both your RAID cards (the Adaptec and the one built into your motherboard) to NO-RAID or JBOD mode.  Only then will unRAID be able to see all your drives.  You may then have to reset the boot order as well (to make sure the mobo boots from the flash drive).

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I did that. Like I said, unRaid sees 3/4 the drives present there. It also accepts 1 of the 150 gb older drive to array. But when I select any other drive, from the the web tool, to add to array, it takes it... thinks for few seconds and reverts back to unassigned. Is Adaptec 2610SA compatible?

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