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[SOLVED] HELP! No boot when drive added...

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SOLUTION proved to be two-fold:

1- updated the firmware in an old Seagate 1.5TB CC34 drive to CC35 - which involved a manual "force" upgrade of FW. Scary! But it worked. This got that drive to stop being a pest about which slot it was in and helped with diagnosing the problem with the SSD.

2- changed the BIOS setting for the 6-port SATA-3 on the Gigabyte MB so that slot 5 & 6 are NOT AHCI but IDE. Not sure why this was necessary, but the BIOS hint of "if necessary for compatibility" or something like that was the tip.


UPDATING Sig next: Now 14 drives in place, all sorted correctly so the positions in the bays line up with the UNRAID config AND with the most-accessed drives on the bottom of the array (coolest positions).




13 drives in place and working well. Try to add a 64GB Kingston SSD (for cache) and the system won't boot.


I've deleted partitions from the SSD and even tried adding partitions (FAT32 and ReiserFS) just to see if it'd make a difference. No change.


I've checked the BIOS and it's set to only boot to USB. But who knows? Maybe that blank screen is the SSD trying to boot.



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