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Parity-Swap Help - Unraid 4.7

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One of my drives red-balled and I wasn't able to get it back online after the basic checks of cables, power supply, or unassign/reassign and try to rebuild as new. The drive would cause the entire system to freeze when using the drive.


I was only able to get a replacement drive that is larger than my parity disc, so I am not able to just install the new drive to replace the old drive.


I've read about the Parity-Swap procedure but it just isn't working for me... what happens is:


1. Stop the array.

2. Power down the unit.

3. Replace the parity hard disk with a new bigger one.

4. Replace the failed hard disk with you old parity disk.

5. Power up the unit.

6. Start the array.


When I start the system the error message is: "Too many wrong and/or missing disks!"


I've tried assigning the old parity drive to Disk 2 and the largest drive to the Parity drive but it doesn't seem to matter what I do, I just can't get this procedure to kick-off or detect the changes.


Are there any additional steps I need to take?


Thanks in advance!

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OK, stop.


I believe what yo want to do is a called a 'swap-disable'


you put the new larger drive as the parity and the old parity drive as the redballed drive.

when it see's that you did that, it SHOULD then copy the parity data from the OLD smaller parity drive to the NEW larger parity drive.


i am a bit tiered to think right now. but, you had the right idea.

search the forums / wiki for swap-disable. what you want to do can be done.

i have just never tried it myself.

instructions are here. http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=UnRAID_Manual#Replace_a_failed_disk


the only thing i can think of is that it forgot the redballed drive is redballed in your trying to revive it.

it must be redballed for swap-disable to work if i am not mistaken.


just be patient until someone with a bit more knowledge hops on.

I believe if you assign the old parity in the correct spot (as old parity) and leave the redballed drive as missing and try to restart the array, it will redball again,(assuming the configuration is good).

again, stop and wait for someone with more experience confirms the issue... i'm just guessing and I'm tierd.

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Thanks Johnm, I messed up on the title Pairty-Swap should be Swap-Disable, it was late when I posted too.


After searching and searching the forums, and trying to re-assign the drives, no amount of changing the configuration seems to start the process, and I've only had the message to attempt a swap-disable appear one time, but the "start" button was still disabled.


I've ended up ordering a hard drive off the internet, apparently there was some hard drive factory in Thailand that was flooded and taken offline, so 25% of the worlds hard drive supply has dried up. No computer store anywhere near me has any 1.5TB drive, the only one I found raised the price $50 over night.


I'll wait for it to arrive, repair the one drive, and then I'll upgrade my swap drive.


Seeing as it's such an unconventional topic and there is almost zero information on the process, I'm going to avoid it.

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you can take a 2tb drive and set it as a 1.5 tb drive. then "upgrade" it later after you get a 2tb drive parity drive in place.


there were instructions in one of the 3tb threads on how to set a 3tb drive as  a 2.2tb drive. that would let you rebuild with you have now and not spend any money. or see if an expert can stil help.

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