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Supermicro X9SCM Level One Certification


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Level One Certifications for X9SCM-F


unRAID Version 5.0 Beta 12a (basic)


System Setup:


CPU: Intel Core i3 2100T

Mainboard: Supermicro X9SCM-F LGA1155

System Memory: Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G (2 x 4GB Kit)

Hard Disks: 3 x Hitachi 5k3000

Case: Norco RPC-4224

Power Supply: Seasonic X-750 750W

USB: Lexar Echo ZX 8GB




Copy to the array is a constant 30MB/s.

Copy from the array is around 37MB/s.

Parity Check takes approx. 9 hours.


The three Hitachi drives are attached to the SATA-II connectors on the board. The SATA-III ports have not been tested. I have copied 4.6TB of data to the array and ran a parity check three times with zero errors. The server has been running for around 10 days.


I have attached a copy of the syslog.



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