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Simple Preclear question

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Unraid just runs and runs so I forget things (remember I just celebrated the 20th anniversary of my 52nd birthday)  I have 7 2TB disks in the server case.  Five are in the array, two are just sitting there powered on and spun down.


The problem:  I can't remember if I precleared them.  Is there any simple way to tell? When I look at them in unmenu the 2 disks in question have 1 partition on them (sdd and sdd1; and sde and sde1) with 2TB of space (2000.3G to be more accurate)

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Thanks for the reply watskooo, Answers breed questions.


The command you recommended, at what position in the directory structure is that to be executed - root?


Is there a comprehensive preclear document that shows the options/commands?

If you execute it as


then it must reside in the current directory.


Typically, most people download it to their flash drive, so you would first have to change directory to /boot

and then invoke the command.

cd /boot

preclear_disk.sh -?

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