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Samsung HD204UI...


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Well, since the Thai floods and subsequent hard drive shortage, prices have been outrageous.  I started to look in alternative places


google shopping shows the following (all prices including shipping and tax)

$94.79 http://www.eworldsale.com/samsung-spinpoint-f4-hd204ui-2tb-5400-rpm-32mb-cache-sata-30gb-s_8569_57130.html


$90.33 http://www.govgroup.com/samsung-hd204ui-spinpoint-f4eg-hard-drive-2395174-prd1.htm?productFeedId=0&utm_source=googleFeed&utm_medium=shoppingEngine&utm_medium=Google


and a Samsung 1.5TB HD155UI


$93.54 http://www.zagall.com/product_p/2609.htm



$65.90 http://www.getpartsonline.com/hd154ui.html


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