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SOLVED-Seagate FreeAgent Theater

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My primary objective for my UNRAID server is to centralize storage and provide availability


to my music and movies.


So I just installed the Unraid final release 4.7 with a couple of 2 TB HD in my HP Proliant


ML110 G6. Although I was trying to use Preclear script (preclear_disk.sh), it did not work


for me. Unraid 4.7 did allow me to format the drives and added them to the array.


I did create the //Tower/Movies shares and set the Export to Export read/write.


I can see the HD in the browser but I had to mount the data drive in Windows Explorer to be


able to copy files to the disk. I can access //Tower/disk1/Movies directly from the browser


but did not find a way to create folder or copy files to it. so I went ahead and copied a


couple of BD movies to the Unraid server. I can play them on my Win7 Computer.


What I really need help on and I am really stuck is that My Seagate FreeAgent Theater (FAT)


media player cannot see the UNRAID server or the disk or the files.There is no provision in


the Seagate to enter the IP address or the Unraid server. Any help in this subject is


greatly appreciated.


As a side note I want to point out that the Seagate FAT had not problem seeing the Synology


server when I hook up the Synology in my network.

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