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udevadm error since new install


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I did a mistake today and ended up with my USB key being formatted. I set up my key again and booted into my server locally and everything seemed to be working but when I went to the Web management GUI it would time out. After searching the forums and trying a few things that were suggested it still wouldn't load in my web browsers and I noticed I have this error message on my unraid terminal for every try to connect:

udevadm[xxxx]: error sending message: Connection refused


So I tried debugging this for a while to no avail and now it seems that if I reload the Web GUI repetitively, it will eventually load without that error message appearing in the terminal. Could this be because of a faulty hard drive? Is udevadm used to access devices and the device is refusing the connection?


Makes me wonder if changing the usb port the key was plugged into might be a solution...


If anyone has any suggestions about how/where to debug this issue it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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