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Any Memorial day specials?

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I've just finished migrating my system over to Unraid, and I'm coming up on my Trial expiration in 4 days.  As I was checking out, I noticed the coupon code option.  It reminded me that Memorial day is coming up, and there are typically some deals on that day.  Anyone know if UnRaid has anything planned for that day, and that I should wait?

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I am in the same boat - though I would be surprised to see Unraid offer discounts, considering they have only just recently moved to their new commercial model. I am not aware of any discount codes and that form element may be a relic of their previous model.

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13 hours ago, bmartino1 said:

Not sure but everyone in a while some scummy site have codes. per them, there may be a coupon or sale deal:

^ Not affilated use at own risk..

I would not trust these. From what I can tell, they are simply taking any popular keyword and generating BS pages of clickbait.


From what I can tell, if Lime Tech were to offer coupons they would do it directly through their own mediums (email, social, forums) rather than a dodgy coupon site like this.


Not to be dismissive, I just wanted to emphasize some caution!

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