REISERFS error showing in syslog

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I am getting a REISERFS error, in my syslog.

Similar to this post:


see attached and below log:


  • Feb  2 23:17:42 Tower2 kernel: REISERFS warning: reiserfs-5083 is_leaf: wrong item type for item *3.5*[609350 612214 0x1 UNKNOWN], item_len 480, item_location 3356, free_space(entry_count) 65535
  • Feb  2 23:17:42 Tower2 kernel: REISERFS error (device md1): vs-5150 search_by_key: invalid format found in block 234783706. Fsck?


So I took Joe L. suggestion and went to: (thanks Joe)


So I put unraid into Maintanance Mode and then putty'ed in and ran

reiserfsck --check /dev/md1  [answer with the word Yes when prompted, do not type yes or YES, but Yes (capital Y and lower case es)]



The last two lines of the reiserfsck were:


Fatal corruptions were found, Semantic pass skipped

9 found corruptions can be fixed only when running with --rebuild-tree


I do not think this is a related issue but just wanted to be sure to mention I just upgraded to 5.0-rc11 and ran  "New Permisions"


I have attached a syslog snap shot prior to running new permissions, and a syslog snap shot after the new permissions finished.  I also attached the Reiserfsk logfile


Thanks for some expert help on this.... surely do not want to do the wrong thing here.






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you need to run

reiserfsck --rebuild-tree /dev/md1

as it suggests to fix the corruption.


You may need to run the permissions script once more afterwords, as the first could not traverse the full file system because of the corruption.


Joe, Thanks for confirming the steps on this.  I did run

reiserfsck --rebuild-tree /dev/md1


Last few lines of out put:


        Objects without names 810

        Dirs linked to /lost+found: 12

                Dirs without stat data found 1

        Files linked to /lost+found 798

Pass 4 - finished      done 1, 0 /sec

        Deleted unreachable items 1




reiserfsck finished at Mon Feb  4 10:04:43 2013


Full copy attached


I see where it suggest replacing the bad drive.  Is it safe to assume that md1 always equals data disk1 in the array or that


data disk1=/dev/md1 (the disk I need to swap out)

data disk2=/dev/md2

data disk3=/dev/md3

data disk4=/dev/md4

data disk5=/dev/md5


What would parity be /dev/???

What woud the Cache drive be /dev/???



I am running the "New Permissions" Utility now, then I will start a Parity-Check, and after knowing pariity is valid I will power down backup 'config/super.dat' and 'config/disk.cfg, replace the drive, reboot, and then rebuild the new drive.







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What would parity be /dev/???

The parity drive has no file system.  There is nothing to check, there is no /dev/mdX device for it.

What woud the Cache drive be /dev/???

You would need to reference it by its partition name


(note, the trailing "1" denoting the first partition on the drive)  You can find out the device name by typing

ls -l /dev/disk/by-id

and looking for its serial number.  If, for example the device was /dev/sdf the command to check its file system would be

reiserfsck --check /dev/sdf1

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