It's not as bad as you are thinking it is.  You only need to add user names for those wanting access to Private shares or wanting write access to Secure shares, everyone else will have "guest" access (by "guest" I mean not as user name "guest" but anonymous access).  Actually it's better NOT to have a user name "guest" because that will confuse AFP when/if you use that (LOL that's another story).  Sorry, these are not unRaid-specific issues.   Ok, to be exact, you don't have to use your windows login name.  You can use any name that's defined on the unRaid side.  You just have to make sure that the very first access to any share on the server results in you correctly entering that user name/password in the dialog box.  Having done that once, your Windows PC will "remember" those credentials for future access to the same server and you won't have to enter the username/password again.   Let me give you an operational example.  Let's say your windows PC netbios name is "mypc" and your windows login name is "larry".  Further let's say your server netbios name is "tower" and you have a single user defined on unRaid side named "curly".  Now you open Network and click on "tower" and a window opens showing all the shares.   In this state, if you now click on a "public" share, what happens behind the scenes is windows tries to authenticate with the server as user "mypc\larry".  On unRaid side, samba (linux smb protocol module) will check if "larry" exists.  In this case no, so samba will check if user "mypc" exists, in this case also no.  So samba will now see that "guest" access is enabled for the server, so it will reply to Windows with "success" but on the samba side, will associate any further access with the "nobody" user on the linux side.  Meanwhile, Windows stores the fact that it successfully connected with user "mypc\larry" in its own credentials cache.   Now, after above, you click on a Private share where the only unRaid user with access is "curly".  Samba will see the request to the share as user "larry" and tell Windows that the connection is unauthorized (because larry is not in the list of users for the Private share).  Windows sees this and presents you with a username/password dialog box.  So you enter "curly" as the user.  But now Windows sees that you already have a connection to the server as user "larry" and it DOES NOT ALLOW multiple connections to the same server via different user names.  This is a well-known limitation/bug in Windows.  Some people get around it, e.g., by connecting to the sever using the IP address in order to fool windows into thinking it's a different server.   To get above to work, you would close any windows that might have a previous connection to the first public share, then open a command window and type "net use * /delete".  That command closes all current server connections.  Now click on your Private share and enter "curly" user name it will work this time.   Same scenario, but this time after opening Network and clicking on "tower" you happen to click on a Private share first.  You get the dialog box and login as "curly" and everything works.  Now you click on a Public share and it still works (because on unRaid side all user names are accepted for Public shares).  So you see the behavior can be quite different and confusing depending on what you click on after clicking on the server.   Now you also know why it's easier to just use the same user names.
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