Intel DH57JG

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I'm the glad owner of the above mentioned motherboard, with an i5 650 CPU, and 8 gigs of ram.


Now the motherboard only has 4 sata ports, and that isn't quite enough, as in the near future I'm going to upgrade from the free version to the plus version, and as you all know that gives me the possibility to add more drives  ;D.


I've thought of buying a sata port multiplier (Can anyone recommend a card? a 1 > 4 port  :) ), but I have trouble figuring out if my motherboard supports multipliers, does anyone have a suggestion of where I can find out, or even better does anyone know if it supports it or not?


alternately  can anyone recommend a pcie card that can "do the same" with that I mean add 3 additionally sata ports, so that I can enjoy the total of 7 drives in my unRaid server :-)


Thank you all in advance



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