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Modify Docker config when array is stopped


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Perhaps via an advanced settings toggle somewhere I would find it incredibly useful sometimes to be able to modify Docker configurations when the array is stopped.


Example: Disable autostart of a container before I start the array.

Example: Modify a config/appdata directory if I've replaced the cache drive with a different one and moved files to different paths before the array starts and autostarts container.


I understand why you might not want this as default behaviour, but it would be very to me to at least be able to modify these configs under the circumstances mentioned. An advanced / expert mode like XBMC has perhaps?

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I know you are able to manually modify the config and other directories before starting docker, navigate to \flash\config\dockerMan\templates-user\(container).xml and make your changes.

Don't know of anyway to disable autostart while the array is stopped though.

Would love to see some way of disabling the auto start incorporated, it would be very handy.

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