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HDHomeRun and Wallop or Plex Plugin


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Anyone using Wallop or Plex plugin with their HDHomeRun box?  I'm trying to decide between the Connect and Extend version and what I can do on my server to transcode for wireless devices and also get full bitrate for wired devices.  If I can transcode I don't believe spending $40 more for the Extend version is necessary.  Also not sure if the Extend can output full bitrate vs. only the transcoded h.264.  Can the transcoded h.264 output be configured for resolution/bitrate or is it fixed?


Plex forum post on plugin


Wallop, a transcoding server

Wallop Dockerized (info/link at bottom of page)

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I had run Emby about six months ago and had the apps on our phones and used DLNA for the main TV, etc..  Ended up switching back to Plex because our TV had the app built-in which gave us features Emby via DLNA did not, same with the Amazon FireStick.  Couple other reasons, but already forgot.

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