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Need to do a few things and need advice on the order


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Hi all,


I am a long term user for the past three years of 5.0-rc11 and have had a few problems recently.


I have two "servers" my unraid one that is a slow, 1gb ram AMD machine that has 4x 2tb data drives, a 2tb parity and an 80gb cache. Now last month I had a failed data drive that I have replaced and all was well. Last week the server crashed and when rebooted one drive was not detected by the bios and one had symbols instead of the serial number.

Replaced the SATA cables to the one with the corrupt S/N, rebooted and all was well until today where the parity has been red balled.


So I know I need to do something, I have another server that is a core i5 with 16gb ram that is used for running some VM's and so I am thinking if the old PC could be about to croak it, is it worth rebuilding my unraid into this machine instead?


My plan is (I think) I have a new 4tb drive on its way to replace the red balled parity. So install that and get the array stable then upgrade to unRAID 6, then what?

As I would be a server down then and nowhere to run the VM's:

Can Hyper-V VM's be converted the KVM that unraid uses complete with disk images without reinstalling Windows on them?

Can the unRaid USB that would have been updated to unraid 6 be unplugged from my old server into the new and the drives just moved across and then restarted?



I guess I am just after the easiest way to get back to a reliable setup, up until the last few months it has been great now for three years.

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