[SOLVED] Newly added 6TB WD drive - incorrect free space reported

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I replaced a 2 TB drive with a precleared 6TB drive. Rebuild completed fine (one error on Disk 3 though). The problem is that the new 6TB drive shows 23.38GB free space, which should be 4TB. Any ideas why this is and how to fix it?


Unraid Main reports the drive size as 6TB.

Unmenu Main reports the drive as 2TB and shows Used space on that 6TB drive as 1.98TB and Free only 23.28GB.

The disk has a warning HPA detected, though the size is fine and is the same as the rest of the 6TB drives.


Thanks for your help.


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You hotplugged the drive, not something I'd recommend for an operation like this, especially with an older version of unRAID.  It appears like a later version of v5, but can't be sure as that was not a complete syslog.  Hotplugging requires compatibility across the board, and it looks like  unRAID did pick the new drive up correctly, on a fresh inventory, not always guaranteed, but UnMENU was not informed, so it assumes it is still a 2TB drive.  Rebooting should cause all parties to see the new drive correctly.


If you had correctly unassigned Disk 7 first, started and stopped the array, then assigned the new drive to Disk 7, then I think UnMENU may have been able to pick up the change.


Please consider upgrading.

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