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Having a heck of a time getting this working.

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This was one of the main reasons I purchased pro.  I really should have checked the forums more thoroughly before purchasing.


The netbios name of my domain is tascom, the domain name is phoneserv.com

For AD domain in the settings I'm using tascom@phoneserv.com and it can never seem to join.  In the syslog I get UNRAID logger: Failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain TASCOM@PHONESERV.COM


From the unraid console, typing ping phoneserv.com resolves to one of my domain controllers.

However, if I type ping tascom - I get the ip for my file server (not a domain controller, dns, or anything!) - doing this from windows results in a could not find host (as expected as there's no dns entry for "tascom").


Any ideas what's causing this?

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I put the FQDN in the "AD domain" settings box.  In your case that would be tascom.phoneserv.com, not tascom@phoneserv.com.  Also, I run DNS on my DCs and point the DNS entries of the unRAID network settings to them.


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I had gotten the @ notation from another post saying they were having trouble joining a domain as well.  Trying with tascom.phoneserv.com gives the same error: UNRAID logger: Failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain TASCOM.PHONESERV.COM


I have two DNS servers, both are also domain controllers and have tried having unraid pointed at each separately and at both, and it doesn't seem to have made a difference.


On any windows machine on the network I'm able to join perfectly fine (by entering either 'tascom' or 'phoneserv.com').

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If you go to a command prompt on a Windows box, do an 'nslookup tascom' (i.e. short name), do you get the IP addresses of your DCs along with the FQDN?


I checked my unRAID syslog and upon startup time I do see a "Failed to join domain: failed to lookup DC info for domain 'xyz.abc.com' over rpc: Logon failure" where xyz is the short name and the abc is my full domain.


It's followed, though, by this:

logger: Using short domain name -- xyz

logger: Joined 'SARASWATI' to realm 'xyz.abc.com'


FWIW, I do have a specific AD account login" created just for unRAID.


I'm wondering if I'm somehow benefiting (configuration-wise) from the fact I've been using AD integration since the first 4.5 beta it was introduced... I'm afraid to touch it now  ;)

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Doing a nslookup tascom gives me a non-existent domain message

Doing a nslookup phoneserv.com gives the DCs ip addresses


I've tried joining with both a domain administrator and my personal account (as I understand each regular user is allowed add up to five computers to the domain).


I've never gotten any messages after the fails and no new computers show up in my AD OU where new computers show up.


Edit: Here is my ident.cfg copied from the flash drive (the password really is blank, which is odd as I have set it in the web interface):


# Generated settings:


COMMENT="unRaid File Server"














Edit #2: All tests report passed when I do netdiag /debug on a DC

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I got it to join by doing the following


1) Creating a file named smb-extra.conf with the line realm=phoneserv.com

2) ad domain: tascom.phoneserv.com


Now I can't connect to the shares, though :(


Edit: A reboot of the unraid appears to have fixed this!  Unfortunately any domain user appears to be able to edit files on the flash share...

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I had a similar problem, and solved it slightly differently.


I added the windows domain name (PM in our case) to a line in smb-extra.conf like this:


workgroup = PM


then left the AD domain in the UnRAID web management settings page as the FQDN of our domain (internal.corp in our case). I also added realm = internal.corp as was suggested in another post.


Then we had to reboot the server so that the shares were accessible to users.

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Generally, it is near impossibly to get full compatibility with usb devices on linux operating systems. In most cases, you should just go with an internal card and even then wireless support is pretty shrewd.

I did find this site however where they outline how you would set up wireless lan in linux. I think this is more geared toward internal cards, but from what I read, it should also work with usb adapters.


It is recommended that you go to this link so that you can identify the chips in your card. If you want to skip that, then you can go ahead and click on the second link. If that still doesn't solve your problems, surf the forums. They have a lot of information pertaining to wireless setup on linux systems.






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