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Unraid 6.3.3 @ SuperMicro 6015B-T ethernet performance problems


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Hi Community.


Seems strane to me.

While coppying large data between two network shares got the following:




Very strange...

Seems as system try to buffer somehow the traffic and the connection is not full duplex at all :/


The source is Segate Business Nas 4-Bay with 2x gigabit Ethernet and the destination is EMC ix12-300R network attached array.with 4x gigabit ethernet.


The SuperMicro server with unRaid has also the 2 gigabit ports bounded and ale the bounds (from Segate, EMC and SUpermicro) ale connected via managable TP-Link.

The copying is done via console midnight commander and the results are pitty poor as well:



The unraid is configured as vlan-aware and two vlans are configured on the bounded interfaces of the Supermicro unRaid host machine.

Ports in the TL-SG2424 Managed router are configured with proper bonds, and the ports going to end-point devies are untagged, while the ports going to SuperMicro are tagged.


All the config seems ok, but the performance is way to poor for a couble of Hitachi 2TB drives sitting in each of the devices.


Any hint;s for troubleshooting, please ?...




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