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Intermittent write issues with Plex DVR - Loos like Linux permissions


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I'm having intermittent Plex DVR write issues when recording TV, sometimes says no write access, I then go into Plex and de-attach recorded tv folder and re-attach, and works again for a little while, but others are are saying might be a plex / Linux permission issue (as never had this when running under WIndows VM). I'm not a wix with Linux, so using Krusader to help with moving files around, and wondering if I can use Krusader to create a user group for my recording TV folder for Plex to have correct Linux permissions... Any guidance on name and permission I should grant for specific tv recording folder please (I've added screen shot to help understand - any guidance appreciated


Cheers, Julian590f9046bdf7f_plexpersmissionseditviaKrusader.JPG.9e3362220038a074168822650c1c1f2b.JPG



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