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not sure whats wrong with parity drive


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i have had this parity drive disabled icon on my server now for about 2 weeks i think

if i do smart tests it reads the drive ok and reports a pass

i just powered down to check the cables all good im not sure what is wrong and how to go about fixing it

server HDD layout.JPG

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  • gavin_UK changed the title to not sure whats wrong with parity drive

The parity drive has been kicked from the array. Your array is unprotected. All of your disks are probably fine, but your ability to recover should one fail will be gone until the parity is made operational again.


You should post a diagnostics file to allow forum members to review the logs and especially have a look at the smart report of the parity disk.


If the disk is fine, and parity kicked due to a bad or loose cable, you may have already fixed that problem, but it would not magically cause parity to be present in the array.


At the very least you'd need to stop the array, unassign the parity drive from the parity slot, start the array, stop the array again, and resign the parity disk to the slot. Now unRaid should offer to start the array and rebuild the parity disk. 


But start with posting the diagnostics file.


Good luck. Post back with any questions.

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